Sunday, 4 December 2016

Industry Blues single (Press Release)

 Lavatory Records

If one holds their breath long enough, then their face will start turning blue (visibility of which depends on the amount of melanin one has). For a white rapper like Tre, who has been plying his trade in the industry for almost a decade without a single radio hit, it’s easy to ‘catch the blues’ as he is still holding out. The blues as a musical genre is centered around the central theme of depression. If there ever was a time for the music industry to slump into depression, the current digital age would be it; which now seems to be past the point of economic recession.

Industry Blues is about Tre’s experiences since coming into the industry – from when he dropped out of his tertiary studies to pursue what many may deem as a fruitless dream. Although he hasn’t “made it” yet, Tre promises to keep grinding and is not about to let up. Industry Blues will be on Tre’s next album Get Up: All City Toy which is due for release in early 2017.

The Industry Blues single is available on Audiomack, Spotify and all other digital stores.

As Tre’s second single to be campaigned for national radio, this speaks of Tre’s tenacious nature despite his previous single Enough being play-listed on only one community radio station in South Africa. If at first you don’t succeed – you try again, lamenting that one must suck it up even if it means going blue in the face (of adversity).

 Industry Blues has transcended musical single status and is now a conversation, in the form of a reality series on the Tre Channel on YouTube. The series is hosted by the surging Techno/TechHouse DJ KING//HER, who will also be releasing some musical projects via Tre’s label TNT Productions. You can watch KING//HER presents Industry Blues Episode 01 on the Tre Channel.

Lavatory Records

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Depression: South Africa going MAD!

I refer to the article by the Chatsworth Rising Sun written on the 18th of August 2016, which discussed how many South Africans are now relying on anti-depressants to get by. As a young South African who has been through the things that I have been through, I am not one that is new to dealing with mental disorders such as depression.

As a rapper and musician, this inspired me to delve into this concept on my next body of work - an album named MAD. To date the MAD album is the most exhilarating and daunting project I have worked on thus far, where the album takes you on a mental odyssey into the mind of Tre vs Brandon Adam Harrison. 

Keeping sane in this industry is something I would like to unravel...especially with depression gripping South Africa!

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

This is entertainment.....

Funny fact is... entertainment ain't even entertaining... you sit up late nights hoping and wishing for someone... anyone... to give a damn... but truth is... they couldn't give two shits about you... why should they? Haha better question... why would they...
After all this shit nobody gives a fuck, you can't turn to anyone who can help you, because... why should they? The people you depend on, you can't, the people you wanna depend on, you wanna hope you can, and the people you need most... well it's not exactly the same angle for them... Unhappiness is described by basically being pathetic... you know you're pathetic, and you don't wanna be pathetic... but everyone knows you're pathetic... so you try to show you're not... which makes you... Haha well pathetic...
I figured out that, you can't trust nobody, and you can't depend on anybody... nobody loves you, nobody cares for you, and of course, nobody wants to be your friend.
I started out in this industry... clean cut average kid... nothing to shameless... until I became shameless... little by little... you start losing yourself to an eternal madness... I wanna make it... I will do whatever it takes... and you do exactly that... nothing is ever to degrading for you... because nothing will stop you because... well... you'll do whatever it takes. Then finally, it happens, somebody wants to help you, and you start realizing that... they are for real... they give a fuck about you, and they actually care about your music, and your talent, and... can it be!!! Am I... gonna live my dream??!
Funny how that starts to fade... because you start to now lose focus... not because you are living the dream... but... the simple reason is... the people you are putting your career on the line with... the people who said that they care about your talent... the label that signed you for WHO YOU ARE... are now changing everything about you... because what they signed you for... wasn't because of you... but it's because they want a poster child... and this poster child... doesn't sound like YOU...
So you start doing what they tell you, change because... it will get better, and it will all be okay... drugs... that's nothing new to me... stopping was something that was new to me... so you start faking that you quit because... that's what the label wants you to do, and of course... you won't let that shit stop you...
Then your life starts falling apart... because well... life has already thrown you a curve ball by taking away who you are in music, so just to make things even better, it starts taking away your personal life...
Your girlfriend cheats on you... because... You're barely there anymore... and the reason you're barely there is because... you're running around doing shit for your "Career"... so you start taking hits from that... then your family life becomes fucked up... your mom doesn't see her son that she raised anymore... your father... he can't believe that this is what his son is... a worthless nothing...
You ignore the family shit, and then depression hits... because of your girlfriend running off with somebody else... making you realize you are pathetic... and you try to talk to the people you thought cared... your label manager... but really... they only console you by telling you about how much girls you gonna fuck in the future... so you start taking more drugs... a lot of drugs... mixing it with a lot of alcohol... smoking packs of cigerettes. Your label finds out about this... Haha and the best ultimatum is... get clean or we report this to the authorities... Haha so you either be unhappy without the shit that makes you semi-happy... or be unhappy being fucked in the ass by Bob who was convicted with a double homicide and rape... so you choose faking the whole sober and being clean for everyone... that's easy... all you do is... just don't take a hit of coke in front of them anymore... sneak vodka into your water bottles... because hell... they ain't even paying attention in the first place... do your job... then go home... and then take out your 5 grams of coke all nicely tugged away in your bedside closet dresser... hidden behind the ever so nicely packed row of alcohol bottles... that have already been drank... sit there alone in your dark room and realize... you are pathetic... and you ponder ways on how to be more pathetic... because... who gives a shit right?
Next day comes and you're out of smokes... so you go out and buy smokes and of course... another 5 bags of coke... and a 12 pack of beer... Yeah this should last me... yeah... it should be able to last me... until then...
You take it home and start pondering about being an alcoholic... why are you an alcoholic... because you're pathetic... why are you pathetic... because you're lonely... and then wonder about your drug habit, while you splash another heeping amount of coke onto your plate and say to yourself... I'm a drug addict... why are you a drug addict... because you're pathetic... and why are you pathetic... Haha because you're a lonely alcoholic...
Time passes... you smoking one cigarette after the other, chopping a line after another, and chugging down alcohol to get rid of that awful backdrop taste you get when you snort that perfectly great line that you just cut up for yourself on the plate... and by the time you reach your last smoke... of your third box... and had your last line of all 5 bags of coke you bought... and when that last beer is done... of that 12 pack... you realize what the time is... it's midday... and from 9am to that midday time of 1pm that afternoon... you pat yourself on the back and say to yourself... well done man you made your deadline... you finished all of this right on the scheduled time you said to yourself this morning... so... it's that time to go and restock back up... because... you're pathetic...
Reason for why you're pathetic... is simple... you just called up your dealer... and realize... somebody does care about me... how could I have been so stupid... somebody does give a shit about my pathetic waste of a life... and if I ever had to disappear... they would realize i'm gone... you check your phone again... at your dialled numbers you called, and as tears are nearly forming around your eyes you quietly say to yourself... somebody does care about me... and that person is my dealer... because he's giving you an extra bag of coke... on the house... yes somebody does care and it's my dealer... Funny, you wanna burst into tears because you have reached a whole new level of pathetic... because... you have just realised... the only person who cares about you is your dealer... because he gave you an extra bag of coke for the day...
Entertainment is funny... funny thing is... I fucking hate entertainment now...

Monday, 11 July 2016

You Are Not My Wife...DUDE!

Why do people find it necessary to constantly want to know where I am? I can honestly tell you that I don't get it. Here's why...

So first off please explain to me why every goddamn message somebody sends me it's always the same fucking question:
"Yo! Where are you?"

Now look I understand this, I would perfectly understand if you asking me this if I perhaps am running late when I'm supposed to meet up with you... But these mu'fucka's be texting this shit like it's a new way of saying 'Hello' or something!!!

Firstly I know for a fact that they couldn't really care less where the fuck I'm at, OR even what the fuck I could even be doing!! Yeah that's right mu'fucka's I'm not stupid!! We all know that's the universal code for:
"Mu'fucka! Drop whatever the fuck you doing and make time for my ass and my problems, so I can come over to your house and sit around and talk shit with you... BUT most of all make music!"
Bitch! What the fuck you think this is... Don't ask where I'm at like you give a damn mu'fucka!!! This may be news to you but um... I do actually have shit to do... like I actually have things that I need to do on a daily basis, and attending to your shit ain't one of my main focuses at that moment in time.

Because, you text me out of the mother fucking blue like you EXPECT that I'm doing absolutely FUCKALL with my life... and then get mad when you find out I'm busy and I'm actually doing shit of importance FOR ME, cause I didn't drop what I was doing and attend to your shit. What's funny though is that you think it's just OKAY to pitch up at my house, when I send back the a reply like:
"I'm at my house"
Bitch... I said I was at my house, you asked where I am... I answered you... That doesn't fucking mean I want to see your bitch ass!!! I mean what if I was fucking! I'm with a chick! I'm handling business with her... and you come fucking cock block me!!! FUCK YOU!!!
You don't see me pestering you with messages and wanting to know where the fuck you are every five fucking minutes!! LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!!!

Secondly, what the fuck is with all of you getting impatient when I don't reply? Please answer this for me, you ask where I am, I don't reply and then you think that sending me a countless number of these:
Will make me reply you quicker! Ok look I do live in the twenty first century and technology isn't new to me... AT ALL. What I'm saying is... I DO KNOW HOW MY FUCKING CELLPHONE WORKS BITCH! I do realize that if my little red light blinks on my fucking phone that I have a message! I also know that if I have certain message indicators that show me that I have messages. SO mother fucker... I KNOW WHEN THE FUCK I GET A MESSAGE ON MY FUCKING PHONE!!!
Just because you send me a message doesn't mean I'm answer it right that goddamn second! When I don't fucking reply that usually means:
"I'm busy"
So why the fuck do you find it necessary to send all these question marks? EVEN if you see me online and I don't reply, that doesn't mean I'm stupid and don't know that I got a fucking message! I JUST DON'T WANT TO ANSWER YOU BITCH CAUSE I'M BUSY!!!

Now look let me put these in a way so everyone can understand:
1. If it's so fucking important, CALL ME.
2. You don't need to know where I'm at every goddamn second of every goddamn day, BECAUSE... YOU'RE NOT MY WIFE!
3. If it's extremely urgent and I still don't answer... CALL AGAIN UNTIL I PICK UP THE FUCKING PHONE BITCH!!!

So all-and-all what I'm trying to say is... quit being so goddamn nosy and tryna figure out what I'm doing with my life, fuck off and do something that doesn't irritate me like the "Where are you" texts... AND QUIT SENDING ME "?"... THEY’RE ANNOYING AS FUCK!

Thursday, 7 July 2016

"M.A.D" Teaser Trailer #2

"Is Tre My Bad Dream? Or Is Tre Mine?..."

The second teaser trailer to Tre's "M.A.D" album, that's been postponed to 2017. This hints at more insight 

"M.A.D" Teaser Trailer #1

A teaser trailer of what is in store for you in Tre's "M.A.D" album that was supposed to be released in 2016 but has been postponed for 2017.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Four things I HAVE TO DO in life...

So I don't know what the fuck people think I am but let me tell you this... I ain't the type of guy that will just do what I'm told to do! Ok let me back up and explain first.

You know how there's always those people that always expect you to have to do things that ain't even related to SHIT in your daily life. Like you get those guys that ask:
"Hey man! You gotta come pick me up from work! I'm cold out here and you the only dude who has to pick me up!"

Or even:

"Hey wake up dude! I wanna hit a studio session right now! I know it's 3am but you gotta let me come record this hot new track"
Uuuum... NO! Ok so you expect me to just drop whatever the hell I'm doing so that you can get what you want? Let me think about it...uuum...NO!

People have always done this same old bullshit to me, time and time again, and to be honest I'm sick of it! I have never demanded nothing from nobody, and they expect me to just DO IT! And be ok with it! Firstly let me set it straight, I don't give a fuck what the hell you GOTTA do! Trust that I GOTTA be doing what I'm doing RIGHT THAT GODDAMN SECOND that your stupid ass text message came through! Even if that means I'm laying in a bed... BITCH LET ME SLEEP! Yeah congrats you got sleep! But mother fucker! I have only had two hours of all your eight! And then! When I don't fucking do it, they want to get all bitch on me and act like I'm screwing them over! Yeah I'm tryna recover before I pass out and DIE! Sorry for being a human being.

Now here's my thing though, how can you expect me do something, insult me, then still expect me to do something? Go find somebody else then! Go annoy them for a little while!

So let me make it clear for all the people waking me up every goddamn second with some ridiculous demand that can't fucking wait until the ass crack of dawn when everything on this fucking planet wakes up to listen to your damn SUGGESTION. I only have to do FOUR things... YES I SAID FOUR THINGS! In my whole entire life that I HAVE TO do. And those four things is this:
1. I Have To Eat.
2. I Have To Sleep.
3. I Have To Shit.
4. I Have To Breathe.

So that's my list of things I have to do in my life, and if your demand has anything to do in the range of those four things, sure I'll do it. BUT if it don't then fuck you! Your Demand is OPTIONAL in my book.

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