Sunday, 15 January 2017

TNT Productions taking over as a corporation...

As you can see by this new image above, I have decided to turn things up with the help of Thato Keikelame and KING//HER, so that we take TNT Productions to a whole new level this year. 

Firstly there's a compilation mixtape series with Lavatory Records, which will be announced this week. Volume 1 is hosted by none other than Crispy T! This series is the one to replace the International Mixtape Franchise, which never made it past Volume 1. 

Then the KING//HER collaboration EP will be handled by our production business unit, look out for more news on that soon. 

Oh yeah - I am still working on the MAD album! We are working on a new release date for the Get Up: All City Toy mixtape. 

Things are gonna get busy... look out for the TNT website to come soon (still under development)! 

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