Tuesday, 3 January 2017

WTF does 2017 has in store for Tre, team and all the fans!

Well firstly after a hectically shitty year in 2016... I can only say shout out to KING//HER and Thato Keikelame (Tikk'n T-Doe) in 2017! Oh yeah do look out for Crispy T... more news on that soon! 

Oh - we still at work on the MAD album but do expect that Get Up: All City Toy mixtape to be released very soon. Make sure you get the Industry Blues (click the link) single which is available for free download. 

We have plenty in the pipelines at TNT Productions! The KING//HER EP and Crispy T projects as well as features from rapper Tikk'n T-Doe. 

#KingHer #Tikk #Tre #FuckTheRest

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