Tuesday, 12 December 2017

The Price

When you get asked how much are you worth, what will your answer be? Ever think about that? Ever 
wonder how much you are worth. If you had a price tag, how much would pay. Better yet, let me ask it 

It’s a scary thought isn’t it… Would somebody pay the price to save a life? Save themselves and save their 
own skin of course, BUT what if that decision is not in your hands… would you trust another to pay the price 
and pay your debt to save your life? Yes we say that our friends and family would die for us, but really ask this question, would they pay the debt that you owe to save your life? Would their money truly go towards saving your life? Or maybe they would go buy some more drugs, get high, fuck your girl… and laugh as they just killed you.From my experience, EVERYONE is a coward. No matter your age, it’s the way you are built inside which determines the person that you will be when you are an adult. A coward as a child, then a coward as an adult.Now this is the part where every person with a fucking mouth has an opinion and gets straight up 
“Gangsta” and starts threatening me, because I called them a coward, so they will get violent and leave some hateful comment or review, feel tough and say fuck Tre. Ok well yippie for you. A coward is not someone who’s to pussy to fight, a coward is a person that is too afraid to face the wrongs and pay the debt of punishment for their actions... AND during the time of the events of the crime they are so hardcore BUT as soon as they are caught to save their own skin, they sell out a person who wasn’t even there. NOW THAT’S A COWARD.

If anybody has told you, that the entertainment industry was difficult… I promise you they are lying to you. YES, this business is not at all hard or difficult. It’s the shady people that is all trying to run up your bill that causes it to be the most difficult industry to break into. You think I’m joking… Ok… I’ll use my life as a prime example. By now most people should know me by now… If not, then the rundown is simple, White rapper trying to become rich and famous… yes that old classic tale of underdog comes out on top bullshit… and for a time, it felt so close. I felt that I was just a day away from glory, just one day away from living the dream.I built up TnT and the studio from a bedroom to at least having a fucking booth and it was all done by me. Nobody had to help me with this, I knew what I wanted, and I expanded on a small thought. A FUCKING  IDEA IN MY FUCKING HEAD… and I fucking ran with it.

I was feeling untouchable at a time. Hell I was untouchable. But then I paid the price that all people pay, 
when they start to trust the scum who wouldn’t pay a debt to save their own fucking lives. FIENDS. But I call 
them, D2. No hard feelings, you fucked my girl, hell right here in my own studio even, props, and congratulations to the bitch too… pulled the good old wool over dumbass Tre now didn’t you… well congrats. So while Christian and Cay-Leigh were to busy fucking their brains out on my couch, smashing in my studio walls and breaking the legs off my chair… I was breaking inside every moment trying to keep the team happy, spending thousands and nearly going bankrupt… just to get us our life of luxury.  BUT it’s how it is isn’t it… 1 pays all the debt and dues and all the rest prosper from MY MONEY! No my friends… that’s not a fair way of doing things. And they will alllearn this lesson one day… 2 have already… A manager I previously had came knocking at my door, that same manager came and said to me back while I still rolled with him, had told me, “Tre I’ma leave you behind, and one day you gonna call me and I ain’t gonna answer”… So I fucking did him the same courtesy that he showed me, and made him watch from outside my gate… as I waved at him and carried on without a single fuck to be given with him standing there… looking like a hurt puppy dog, because I won’t let the fucking mutt in.

People have never shown me the same kindness that I’ve showed to them. If I am cool with you and we friend’s, I will have your back for life and I’ll be the person next to you on the battlefield. Nobody should ever doubt my loyalty. As you can tell by now that my friends would rather stick my girl in my own house, than stick by my side. But it’s fine… THE DEBT THAT ALL MEN PAY… And I paid it. The fall of what I was, a person who thought who could never be beat, to being defeated and down for the count. Laying in the tracksuit pants for days and just being to depressed to even show my fucking face outside. I was finished. MY STUDIO… was no longer my sanctuary the people I trusted, the people who said loved me, the same people I looked after, the same people who said they would always have my back…. TURNED MY SANCTUARY INTO A DISGUSTING WRETCHED ROOM. I never set foot into it for a very long time. I hated it, I couldn’t stand the sight of it. Ask yourself now… DID THEY FEEL THAT THE PRICE WAS WORTH IT? WAS FUCKING EACH OTHER AND DESTROYING MY HOME WORTH IT… Wait wait… let Christian get his “FUCK YEAH” in quickly like the typical fuck boy that he is… and make sure his dick is all nice and big because he’s the center of attention right now… Don’t worry dude I’ll wait…


Ok so now that the little bratty kid has had his 5 minutes of attention I shall carry on.

Here's the funny thing… These idiots actually thought that this would be a great idea to do. And still think they 
can just show up and be let in, like yeah… Haha here’s an even funnier thing… Swayzi catches me one day and 
asks me for a lift… BUT before he did that, he said to me “Don’t worry dawg,I forgive you?”….. UUUUM Excuse 
me mother fucker, I think that stupid you said was a bit loud I don’t think I heard you correctly… FORGIVE ME… 

Forgive me? Yeah I guess this man’s the brightest spark of the bunch of them huh? Ha ha ha But yeah while I 
was in my depressed state of pissing in my own pants and being at the bottom from something I built and I 
watched as it got destroyed… ALL THESE FORGIVING MOTHER FUCKERS OVER HERE, were just too busy to 
actually even do shit for me, PEOPLE I HELPED, couldn’t do a simple fucking thing to even help me…. AND 
THAT IS THE THANKS I GET??? Well maybe they should take their forgiving asses and jump it off a cliff. Because
the only person that I had by my side was a man I only knew through fucking texting,Thato Keikelame.
This one man, would be the only person I would ever need watching my back. Built from the same story and 
cut from that same “GIVE NO FUCKS” cloth. He decided to stay by my side, while I was just too weak to be in 
the industry, where I practically gave up, he chose to stay when the people I thought would… NOT EVEN THE 
WHORE OF GIRLFRIEND STAYED… She was just too busy with Dick to even give a fuck about my pain… When I 
had given her everything… SHE PAID BACK MY KINDNESS WITH MISERY. 

THE PRICE THAT ALL MEN PAY, for being a stupid fucking male! Females… they can kill a man, and still expect 
you to be alive. They would chop off a mans dick, and then still expect us to fuck them after they do that. 
Now that’s just a sick fucking mindset. Which is why I’ve always been one step ahead of the game. AND it’s 
my reason for blogging this blog IN THE STUDIO… and it’s why I stand here today. Because of a simple
 precaution I always take. I am always thinking of what if the worst could happen, WHAT WOULD HAPPEN… 
And what had happened was, Thato and myself put together our “Power of 3” tactic. Which worked out to be 
the plan that would fail, and MY LESSON to teach the ones that have made others die for the debt that they 
forced onto a person that shouldn’t pay. 

 This is where my story of revenge and retribution begins…

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