Thursday, 25 January 2018

Get Up : All City Toy (Press Release)

This is the Aftermath - when the world officially has no rules, no regulation, no governance and no
The rebels have overthrown the state and taken over - it’s time to GET UP!
With the revolution over, there’s now a resemblance to something like the Mad Max setting,
where it's no law unto any man and anything goes.
There simply is no “black and white”, rules and moral compasses have gone out the window.
It is gun crazy in all the cities in the world and the “toys” are thrown out the cot for everyone to pick up
and play!
The wild west so to speak.

On this mixtape, Tre (no... he is no sheriff that’s here to save the day) exemplifies the industry where
there’s no regulation and sanction on music. No black and white,  just areas of grey!
Like the Yin and Yang, the price of freedom and having no barriers to movement leaves one prone to
extra thoughts.

The dangers of replication of work, shady producers and promoters, rivalries with contemporaries.
It is a desert with vultures circling everywhere.
It is best to be strapped up and ready for anything in this wilderness.

The album contains songs where Tre had his best and worst moments.
The songs are rather dated due to the prolonged period between recording and the imminent
2017 release.
By Tre’s own rules and definition - these are packaged classics,
which gives more light to the grey scaled artwork.

On This project, one can look forward to songs such as Industry Blues, Welcome To The Family and
Bad Influence.

There are other throwbacks thrown in on this project taken off the Tre Day project,
particularly for those not yet familiar with Tre.
This condensed project serves as a teaser to what’s in store for when the MAD album comes.

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