Thursday, 18 October 2018

"Euro Trippin' " album press release!

In day-to-day life when somebody needs a break from monotony and routine, what do they do? Take a break and get out on the road... just to get away from it all! The key word here is  “break”, which is something that Punk Rapper Tre has needed for his career. The routine rotation of monotonous records and a systematic sets of playlists, on the radio and television, has made it quite hard for Tre to get the “big break” his hard work, dedication and talent deserves. To know more about Tre, read up his biography

This has left Tre’s marketing team to embark on a bold strategy to take his authentic cyber punk style and introduce his talents to the European market, courtesy of distribution partners Eighty Eight Records in France. Inspired by the wacky comedy EuroTrip, which was a sequel to the movie Road Trip, the search was for a market that would get trippy on Tre’s sound! Euro Trippin’ is not only a title to Tre's EP, but a signal of intent that through the release of his music (which had him portrayed as a wack job joke of a white rapper) he would in future lead a tour of Europe, with songs like Depth Of Her Shallowness, Geeky and Who I Am along a with a few others.

The Euro Trippin’ project is a series of precursors leading to the release of the much anticipated full length MAD (Music Among Delinquents) album. The album follows his 2018 condensed project entitled Get Up: All City Toy

Euro Trippin' is available on Juno Download , Spotify Deezer, Google Play, Shazaam, iTunes and Apple Music. 

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