Monday, 25 February 2019

Google News: Tre (musical artist), announces the latest business venture for TnT Corporation

Google News: Tre has announced that TnT Corporation has finally finished development with their new department within his organization! TnT Distribution is now the new entity within the TnT Corporation LLC entity, which will now operate as the TnT franchises in-house distribution agency for music, to all online stores, such as Spotify, Apple Music, Google Music, Shazam and more.

Tre had said to us:
"We finally finished developing this new business venture, after a long couple of months of sorting out nitty gritty stuff for the TnT entity as a whole. So myself and on behalf of everyone at TnT, we would like to declare that the TnT Distribution services are open to the public, and are happy to help artists reach that next level in their careers"

Seems Tre is building and building BIG. The long awaited rap star is officially back from disapearing in 2015 for a whole 2 years and barely hearing much in the whole 2017 year.

Tre was on the verge of hitting his big break in 2015. His music had gotten this artist heard from all corners of the globe, and then suddenly by October-November of 2015, he just went quiet, hopefully Tre would give us more details about what really all happened for why he just decided to stop at the very peak of his career.

Only time will tell....

But we are all happy to have Tre back and his fans anxiously await for the rap star to announce the release of a new single.

AUTHOR: Benjamin Addin Colt

Thursday, 21 February 2019

My homie Crispy T getting his moment next....

This week we had my main man Crispy T who we all know as the cup-caker co-host on the TnT Show and Crispy T-Mack Attack, as the latest entry on to Wikipedia! He was behind the scenes all the time and helped setup the Tre brand, now I am the one telling him to COME OUT THE CLOSET! Well okay fine not that way - but he needs a damn cameo and get out there! 

I mean Em needed Dre - and this fools wants to be like "Nah I'm just chilling for now"! Well good - I am glad he is finished with management, chilled with the macking and now back to do doing music! So expect the Crispy T website to come soon and he will be doing some Djing, hosting more shows, doing podcasts and bringing Tikk'n T-Doe back to spit some phat lyrics!!!!! Keep it on lock for the latest developments, including a few surprises from this CRISPY BASTARD!!!! 

Don't call him black, don't call him crispy - forget all that...HE IS BLACK AND CRISPY!!!! 😃😄😆

Thursday, 7 February 2019

"Street Cred Vol 11" by Big Will from Studio 816 and DJ KoolHand!

Big Will and DJ Koolhand have released Street Cred Volume 11,which is available on Mixtapewire and Audiomack

I have featured before on the Street Cred series, however NOT THIS ONE! But you will find a number of prominent names in the rap world on this here! Like E-40, Gucci Mane, Lazy Bone and Kevin Gates! Enjoy on stream and free download!

Catch FDL performing live at the "Forever E.P." launch hosted by DJ Rendy in Brooklyn (Pretoria)!

TnT artist FDL will be once again performing at the next installment of  DJ Rendy's  Forever EP launch. This leg of the launch will...