Thursday, 21 February 2019

My homie Crispy T getting his moment next....

This week we had my main man Crispy T who we all know as the cup-caker co-host on the TnT Show and Crispy T-Mack Attack, as the latest entry on to Wikipedia! He was behind the scenes all the time and helped setup the Tre brand, now I am the one telling him to COME OUT THE CLOSET! Well okay fine not that way - but he needs a damn cameo and get out there! 

I mean Em needed Dre - and this fools wants to be like "Nah I'm just chilling for now"! Well good - I am glad he is finished with management, chilled with the macking and now back to do doing music! So expect the Crispy T website to come soon and he will be doing some Djing, hosting more shows, doing podcasts and bringing Tikk'n T-Doe back to spit some phat lyrics!!!!! Keep it on lock for the latest developments, including a few surprises from this CRISPY BASTARD!!!! 

Don't call him black, don't call him crispy - forget all that...HE IS BLACK AND CRISPY!!!! 😃😄😆

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